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Since 1970 our timing signals have been right 22 out of 24 times. That means your portfolio could have been perfectly positioned at nearly every market top and bottom for over 40 years ... including the dot.com bust in 2000, and the real estate bubble in 2008.

What's crazy ... being on the right side of the major trend is 90% of the battle to making money in stocks. That's because the majority of all stocks move in the direction of the overall market.

It doesn't matter how great the companies are, when the market tops out and makes a major shift, you're going to lose a lot of money if you don't go to cash or implement the right bearish strategy.

Following our market timing newsletter you could have sold high before the 2008 crash, and bought low near the 2009 bottom. Before the Dow Jones more than doubled in price - putting you at a huge advantage today.

Picking tops and bottoms is not easy to do, which is why most people lose their shirts when a bull market reverses and miss out on huge profits when a new bull market begins.

We don't want you left trying to pick tops and bottoms on your own. Here's a snapshot of how our timing system performed during the most recent major corrections.

Some of our recent signals shown above

We have developed a handful of proprietary algorithms that have worked together to detect major market shifts and it's been right 22 out of 24 times since 1970.

But it's not just the major trend changes our system is able to detect. You will get our uncanny short term signals to help you find ideal entry and exit points within the major trend. We use a combination of 3 proprietary technical indicators that include momentum, breadth, and sentiment to identify these short term signals.

Each day in our market timing newsletter, you'll get an update of where these 3 indicators are sitting for the day. This allows you to gauge the momentum of the market, isolate short term entry and exit points, and get a feel for the current market sentiment.

Let me show you how important these indicators will be to your retirement account.

Breadth Indicator

Here is our Breadth Indicator. Each time our breadth indicator crossed a bearish or bullish extreme (which are represented by the red and green horizontal lines) in the past year, the S&P 500 followed suit, often to, or near the exact day.

Next, here's our Momentum Indicator.

Momentum Indicator

And here is our Sentiment indicator:

Sentiment Indicator

These short term extremes detected by our indicators can alert you to spectacular short term entry and exit points - and trading opportunities like the ones below:

If the S&P goes up 7% after our indicators signal a short-term bottom, many of the strongest growth and momentum stocks could easily move 20% to 30% in just a few short weeks - more than tripling the gains in the S&P 500.

By subscribing to our market timing newsletter, not only will you be able to see when these indicators reach their individual extremes, we make it easy to see when all 3 indicators hit their extremes at the same time, giving you a strong confirmation of a short term trend reversal.

Remember, we have been able to time the major market shifts 22 out of 24 times. And using our short term indicators, you could easily double or triple the short term gains of the S&P 500 throughout the major trend.

Now you can follow along absolutely free. You have nothing to lose by using our market timing newsletter to protect your hard earned money from vanishing in a crash or sitting idle in a brand new uptrend.

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"There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side."

— Jesse Livermore —